Google PPC Ads ✔️Ad campaigns on Google's paid search network
Bing PPC Ads ✔️Ad campaigns on Bing's paid search network
Google Shopping Feed Management ✔️Management of product listings on Google Shopping
Merchant Center Set Up & Support ✔️Set up and support for Google's Merchant Center
Bing Shopping Feed Management (Microsoft Advertising) ✔️Management of product listings on Bing Shopping
Programming and Development for Shopping Feed Set Up ✔️Technical setup of shopping feed for optimal performance
Display Ad Creation ✔️Creation of display ads for the Google Display Network
Display Ad Remarketing Campaigns ✔️Ad campaigns targeting users who have interacted with your site or ads
Landing Page Design & Development ✔️Design and development of landing pages to optimize conversion rates
Google Display Network ✔️Display ad campaigns on the Google Display Network
YouTube Video Ads ✔️Video ad campaigns on YouTube
Tracking & Analytics Set Up ✔️Implementation of tracking and analytics to measure campaign performance
Goal Tracking ✔️Tracking of specific conversion goals
Call Tracking ✔️Tracking of phone calls generated by your ads
Monthly Reporting on all Campaigns ✔️Detailed reports on the performance of all campaigns
Competitor Analysis ✔️Analysis of competitor advertising strategies and performance
Initial Campaign Set Up ✔️Initial setup and launch of advertising campaigns
Keyword Research ✔️Research and selection of keywords for PPC campaigns
Ad Copywriting ✔️Writing of ad copy to maximize click-through rates
Bid Management ✔️Management of bids on keywords to ensure optimal ad placement
Monthly Meetings ✔️Regular meetings to review progress and discuss strategy